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Thursday, December 18, 2003

The Sweetest Thing...

Our lovely baby boy just turned one year old.

Here he is trying out one of his birthday presents. The shot's a little underexposed, but it's such a perfect Ruairi face I couldn't resist it.

This perfectly captures a very Ruairi look - he's just the smiliest, happiest kid. It's a pity the picture can't capture the constant stream of little chuckles and chatter he keeps up throughout most of his waking hours.

Happy birthday, Ruairi, we love you.

BTW: yes, I cheated - I changed the time stamp on this post to the exact date and time of Ruairi's birth, one year ago. But what the heck - I was far too busy celebrating to actually blog about this yesterday :-)

Entertaining to look back to some of the Blogsprogs posts from around this time last year, and remind myself of this extraordinary tale...

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