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Friday, December 20, 2002

Sprogs = network multiplier?

Just wish to say the warmth and love and, yes, sappy daddery around here has been incredible. In blog theory, we might have to reflect on this, on this expansion of love and of the world, as Marek puts it, but that will come later. For now, as we look for a Monday debut of sprog # 3, I'm just grateful for the networked multiplier effect of Michael's genial idea which has amplified our experience, sharpened our anticipation, and allowed us to share your joy.

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Thursday, December 19, 2002

Opus == Ruairi

Sitting here like a soft lad, tears running down my face, listening to this.

My heart feels too big for my body today.

I’m so proud of my astonishing wife, and so much in love with our new little boy and our whole family.

Now we are five...

Sorry about all the name confusion. Paul is indeed a lovely name, but it’s the lovely name of one of my very best friends, Paul Reed, who proxy blogged for me over the phone last night.

The ‘Alexander’ confusion came from our indecision over the name. As I was calling family last night, Leona and I still hadn’t quite settled on Ruairi or Alexander.

Ruairi it is. His full name will be Ruairi Michael O’Connor Clarke – kind of after Ruairi O’Connor (Ruadrí Ua Conchobair]) the last High King of Ireland, but also just because we both love the name. And if he lives up to the promise of his 9lb 9oz, he’ll be a king amongst men, for sure.

Tired now, and very much in love.

Thanks for all the messages from around the world – you’re good people.

Question is – as the third of three O’Connor Clarkes, but the middle one of the BlogSprogs – should Ruairi opt for youngest sibling or middle child syndrome ;-)

Gary, Fiona, Cameron, Tom, Wendy (and ...?) – love to all of you. Hope you're well. Good luck Wendy & Tom. Being induced is not easy...but well worth it in the end.

More details (and photos) soon – off now to get back to basics.


'ó dhia gach aon cabhair'

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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Baby boy. 9lb 9oz - all's well


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Good Luck Michael and LBS!

- we're just back from the Ob's office, where all seemed in order - we have three new images - of head, butt, and balls. All appear to be properly situated, and, at least via the magic of ultrasound, of goodly size.

If this reluctance to sprout persists, Wendy has an appointment to begin induction Sunday evening. She's convinced he's coming Friday, however.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Here we go!

And so the second BlogSprogs countdown commences...

Leona and I were at the Obstetrician earlier today for our checkup.

We’ve discussed in the past various ways of helping things along a little, and we’re now actually scheduled to go into the hospital tomorrow morning at 7:00am to probably have Opus induced with a little intravenous Oxytocin.

We’ve been wrestling with this one for weeks, and have read everything we can find on the pluses and minuses of induced labor. I wrote about some of the complications Leona and I face in an earlier post, below.

As it turns out, we may not need to worry. At the examination today, turns out Sausage is already dilating, and she’s been having “cramps” on and off for days.

So, Charlie and Lily are heading off for a sleepover with friends tonight (great excitement all round – they’re probably more excited about their first sleepover than the intangible promise of a new baby in the house).

Our bag’s all packed and we’re ready for an early start. The doctor is confident that Opus is absolutely ready – and I know Sausage is ready.

She’s really suffering today after a rougher than usual night and an utterly rotten day yesterday. We were hustling through the normal off-to-school routine yesterday morning. As I got C & L into snow pants and coats, Sausage ducked out, despite my protestations, to scrape the ice & snow off the minivan.

Couple of minutes later I heard this sad little voice from the driveway – she’d slipped and crashed down hard on her bum in the packed snow, poor darling. She amazed me yet again, though – lying there in the snow, hurt and scared, unable to get her feet under her to stand back up. She smiles up at me and says: “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” :-)

As if that little trauma wasn’t bad enough for her, she called me later in the day from the car on the way to collect Charlie from school. She’d just been rear-ended by another car on the icy roads. No major damage or injuries, thank God. I love this woman so much - I can't imagine what I'd do if something happened to her...

Seems Friday 13th clearly came a little late to this household. Two such narrow escapes in one day. Yikes, indeed.

Tomorrow’s going to be a much, much better day. We know.

Come on, Opus! You can do it!

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Babies know

Do read Halley's comment about her first moments with Jackson, her son. The thing that bowled me over, when I first held my daughter nearly 11 years ago was the sensation that I was holding pure trust.

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Monday, December 16, 2002

Baby Translation Device - maybe we can become product testers.

WhyCry:The calculator-size device, which is marketed by the Spanish maternity-products company Rosmari, has a microprocessor that can decipher the broad meaning of a baby's cry with 87 percent accuracy. At least, in Spanish. More....

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Cameron Says "Hi"

Breathed her first breath at 03.24 GMT, weighed in at a healthy 7 pounds & 3 ounces. A beautiful baby girl. Mother is fine, father is off to bed. Awesome. Thanks to John for the proxy weblogging.

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Sunday, December 15, 2002

Movement over the water

According to a proxy post up at Gary's main blog, something's shaking over in the UK.

More here. Gooooooooo Fiona!

Meanwhile, all quiet on the Canadian front. I'm just back from a five hour Christmas shopping trip round a crowded downtown mall with Charlie & Lily (and we're having a third...!). Sausage is out for a long walk. I'm cooking the Eggplant Parmigiana tonight.

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Getting Blasted into Existence by Celery Farmers

Last night Wendy and I found a restaurant serving eggplant (did it help, Michael?), right next to a theater showing Frida, and thought both might be worthwhile. They may have been, but neither they nor other interventions have as yet hastened Labor's progress. While Fiona cleans the latrines, Wendy is looking for a bumpy road to drive down. Her mom thought some of these roads might include celery fields owned by Property Rights Advocates with guns. Wendy sees an upside: "Then we'll have the adrenaline rush."

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