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Friday, February 14, 2003

Walking: imagined vs. remembered

Here's hoping all continues well with Ruairi, Cam, and everybody else. Apart from some sort of cold, SJ has had a relatively uneventful time of it - after gaining weight in a big way, he has now gained length (24"), which seems to give him the idea that he ought to be walking. He straightens up, and seems to fully expect to be able to remain standing when all support is removed. He suffers genuine consternation to find he is not able to do something his head seems to tell him he can do. Head: "I can walk" Body: discombobulationis extremis. It doesn't seem sad, because we expect he is on his way to walking - it will happen, nature assures us, months from now. Unlike an old man who once could walk, and now only has the memory to torment him. One imagines, one remembers. Both are frustrated. To us, these provoke different feelings. But to a 2 month old, it might be much more frustrating than we think.

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