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Sunday, March 30, 2003

If you good gentlemen have any energies left after your vigorous takeover tussel over Bag and Baggage, I'd appreciate any tips, clues, or other wisdom on a matter of some moment. Wendy, you see, returns to work tomorrow, and I am, for the next eight weeks or so, Strategic Daytime Coordinator charged with implementing the daily care and feeding of SJ. Now this is not entirely new to me - I'm perfectly used to diaper changing, calming, playing, etc.

The thing is, SJ sees no reason on earth to drink from bottles when God created breasts. We've been trying to get him to take a bottle, on and off, for several weeks. At times he'll play with it, appear to be sucking on it, laugh, etc., and I'm thinking, "at last!" only to find, after 90 minutes of this, that less than an ounce has actually been consumed, half of that by his shirt.

He will continue to be breastfed when possible. But for eight hours a day, it's the bottle, or a sippy cup, or a dropper, or whatever works. Only, we don't yet know what that is. We've even tried this. Suggestions?

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