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Monday, March 31, 2003

Day One, Round One

I wrote my question last night, but I see it was recorded as Monday in Blogsprog time. Anyway, thanks - we are in Day One of Operation Discomboobululation. A field update:

We led with the Nuk system, using referigerated breastmilk, warmed before serving. Sawyer was hunkered in his swingchair, attention captured by decoy battalions from Baby Einstein DVD. Initial response to our deployment was encouragingly accommodating, but over time, resistance strengthened. Much playing with nipple, with little actual engagement.

I decided to fall back to Plan B: a 10 ml medicine dropper - a plunger-like device that, when applied to the inside cheek, delivers a steady stream of Ordinance - about a teaspoonful, of which SJ swallowed about half. Encouraged, I followed with repeated plungings, until 1.5 oz. was consumed. SJ showed an eagerness to capitulate and even seemed to savor the meal. Since the plunger does not seem ideal, I'll open Round Two with the Playtex system. Thanks for Avent advice Michael. I believe we might have that somewhere, and it will see action - trust me.

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