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Saturday, January 18, 2003

Missing, Inaction

Well hello. Been busy, sorry for the absence. OK, almost 5 weeks uptime and Cameron smiled at me today for the first time whilst I was dressing her before we went out on a shopping trip. Cool, and about time too, she's been smiling at Fiona for ages, or so she says - Fiona, not Cameron - and I've been getting concerned that she might not like me. But she does. Phew.

We had an interesting first couple of weeks, Fiona had a bad infection thanks to some 'retained products' - in other words they never got all of the placenta out at the birth - which isn't good. At all. Two different types of elephant strength anti-biotics for a fortnight, equally not good. But she's fine now having returned to her former self about a week ago.

Cameron lost about four ounces in the first two weeks but she's back over her birthweight now and eating,well drinking, us out of house and home.

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