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Thursday, December 12, 2002


  • 6pm yesterday, contractions begin.

  • 10pm, contractions 8 mins apart

  • 12am, 5 mins apart.

  • 1am, arrive at hospital, cannot locate baby's head, suspect not engaged. Again.

  • 3am, I get home.

  • 7am, back in to supposedly see a doctor.

  • 2pm, after complaining we finally see a doctor.

  • 3pm, Ultrasound scan, baby appears to be breech, conversation about c-section ensues. Again.

  • 4pm, Consultant OB says "Rubbish" when informed over the phone. Arrives and immeditately locates babys head much to the mortal embarassment of yet another doctor who called it wrong, not in breech, though not engaged. C-section cancelled. Again. They're keeping her in for observation, suspect baby may be too big to deliver naturally, waiting to see if the contractions start again and whether the head engages.

  • Fiona's holding up despite what seems like the entire medical profession's attempts to achieve otherwise. The photo was taken just after we were told (incorrectly) the baby had gone breech again and a c-section was on the cards. I've been making a video diary over the last couple of weeks, with short interviews with Fiona as things develop. Was intended to be a positive, joyfull video diary to look back at in years to come, so far in comprises interviews full of hope and expectation followed by despair, followed by hope followed by despair ad nauseam.

    On a positive note, the Consultant OB totally rocks, dead against a c-section unless absolutely no option as a last resort.

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