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Thursday, December 19, 2002

Opus == Ruairi

Sitting here like a soft lad, tears running down my face, listening to this.

My heart feels too big for my body today.

I’m so proud of my astonishing wife, and so much in love with our new little boy and our whole family.

Now we are five...

Sorry about all the name confusion. Paul is indeed a lovely name, but it’s the lovely name of one of my very best friends, Paul Reed, who proxy blogged for me over the phone last night.

The ‘Alexander’ confusion came from our indecision over the name. As I was calling family last night, Leona and I still hadn’t quite settled on Ruairi or Alexander.

Ruairi it is. His full name will be Ruairi Michael O’Connor Clarke – kind of after Ruairi O’Connor (Ruadrí Ua Conchobair]) the last High King of Ireland, but also just because we both love the name. And if he lives up to the promise of his 9lb 9oz, he’ll be a king amongst men, for sure.

Tired now, and very much in love.

Thanks for all the messages from around the world – you’re good people.

Question is – as the third of three O’Connor Clarkes, but the middle one of the BlogSprogs – should Ruairi opt for youngest sibling or middle child syndrome ;-)

Gary, Fiona, Cameron, Tom, Wendy (and ...?) – love to all of you. Hope you're well. Good luck Wendy & Tom. Being induced is not easy...but well worth it in the end.

More details (and photos) soon – off now to get back to basics.


'ó dhia gach aon cabhair'

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