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Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Here we go!

And so the second BlogSprogs countdown commences...

Leona and I were at the Obstetrician earlier today for our checkup.

We’ve discussed in the past various ways of helping things along a little, and we’re now actually scheduled to go into the hospital tomorrow morning at 7:00am to probably have Opus induced with a little intravenous Oxytocin.

We’ve been wrestling with this one for weeks, and have read everything we can find on the pluses and minuses of induced labor. I wrote about some of the complications Leona and I face in an earlier post, below.

As it turns out, we may not need to worry. At the examination today, turns out Sausage is already dilating, and she’s been having “cramps” on and off for days.

So, Charlie and Lily are heading off for a sleepover with friends tonight (great excitement all round – they’re probably more excited about their first sleepover than the intangible promise of a new baby in the house).

Our bag’s all packed and we’re ready for an early start. The doctor is confident that Opus is absolutely ready – and I know Sausage is ready.

She’s really suffering today after a rougher than usual night and an utterly rotten day yesterday. We were hustling through the normal off-to-school routine yesterday morning. As I got C & L into snow pants and coats, Sausage ducked out, despite my protestations, to scrape the ice & snow off the minivan.

Couple of minutes later I heard this sad little voice from the driveway – she’d slipped and crashed down hard on her bum in the packed snow, poor darling. She amazed me yet again, though – lying there in the snow, hurt and scared, unable to get her feet under her to stand back up. She smiles up at me and says: “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” :-)

As if that little trauma wasn’t bad enough for her, she called me later in the day from the car on the way to collect Charlie from school. She’d just been rear-ended by another car on the icy roads. No major damage or injuries, thank God. I love this woman so much - I can't imagine what I'd do if something happened to her...

Seems Friday 13th clearly came a little late to this household. Two such narrow escapes in one day. Yikes, indeed.

Tomorrow’s going to be a much, much better day. We know.

Come on, Opus! You can do it!

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