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Thursday, December 12, 2002

Gary, I see fortitude in that lovely visage. Hang in. Your video might become a classic. I read somewhere that there are Mayan women who early in a pregnancy can tell if a baby is breech; they have special massages and other remedies probably stretching back to the beginning of civilization, which seem to work, since the Mayans have an unusually low rate of breech births, c-sections, etc.

Wendy knows a bunch about this stuff, being a latinamericanista. And right, Michael, she does have a birth plan, but many of her ideal wishes - water birth, etc., simply are not available at the hospital. She will at this point be delighted if the birth is "natural" in any sense of the word. An excellent doula will be there, and we'll try to make sure the hospital doesn't ignore our wish that the kid receive no bottles. Recently a friend of Wendy's had a c-section; despite her clear stated intent to breastfeed, the hospital (same one we're in) gave the kid a bottle. The mom has now completely given up on breastfeeding.

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