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BlogSprogs is homeplace of The Crucial Three: the babies Turner, Matrullo and O'Connor Clarke.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

First chance all day to even peep in. It seems a good deal is happening - Gary at least is suggesting as much over here, as I type. The commentary over at Jeneane's is running deep and wide. The expectations about this blog, which is, in a sense, about expectation, are going to be difficult to live up to. Living up to expectations is always a pain in the arse. Better I guess to overhype a mere blog than a kid.

Michael, fwiw, I like "BlogSprogs," and it seems to mean something in Danish. What else... Wendy is sure the kid has turned sideways and back down at least twice since her last ultrasound on Monday. She described one moment that sounded truly surreal, where the kid appeared to be fully transverse and stretching to his full height, distending her sideways like Alice eating a bit of the wrong cookie. I can't think of any experience comparable for men to this distortion/transformation of the body, unless one happens to be the Incredible Hulk.

So I get home, and find a message on the answering machine, a most excited voice. It's Marek, calling from Texas, sounding exactly like he just had a baby. It was like he was about to pop out of the phone and hand me a giant cigar.

Over the past few weeks, Wendy has gone from lucid calm to a kind of dread to a quiet acceptance that seems to be shading into a bit of impatience. The kid seems ready, she seems ready. Nature seems somehow indifferent to their states of readiness.

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