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Saturday, December 14, 2002

Email received in the wee small hours from the Blogsprogs theological and spiritual counsel:

Dear Dads,

I just thought of something--a visual pun? an orthographic pun?--that
one of you probably already noticed. I'd post it on Blogsprogs, but
since I've given up paternity for Advent, I don't post; and I might
have put it in the comments on each of your sites, but I'm too worn out.

So the conceit in question was that, as David W. didn't say, we're
waiting ourselves into existence on the Web.

It's too small to bother with, but I couldn't go to sleep without doing
something with it. So there.

Grace and peace, gentlemen--


David's 'writing ourselves into existence' trope from SPLJ has been gnawed on at great length elsewhere.

Since Blogsprogs was born, a different passage in the book has been rattling round my lumber room:

"...we are rewriting ourselves on the Web, hearing voices we’re surprised to find coming from us, saying things we might not have expected. We're meeting people we would never have dreamed of encountering. More important, we’re meeting new aspects of ourselves. We’re finding out that we can be sappier..." [ah ha!] and "...We’re falling into email relationships that, stretching themselves over years, imperceptibly deepen, like furrows worn into a stone hallway by the traffic of slippers."

But I'm going to stop right there as I don't want this to become yet another blog chained in geostationary orbit around that book, or even that other book (deliberately not linking, for obvious reasons).

I can think of much better reference material for this particular project.

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